Citizen Lager 330ml

Citizen Lager 330ml

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With every can Citizen Lager, you save one slice of surplus bread from going to waste. We replace 15% of the barley in each brew with rescued supermarket bread (with the help of our amazing brew partners Sawmill Brewery)... for a great taste and less waste! 

Our lager is crisp and golden. The perfect session lager - dry, straight-up and refreshing. Because sometimes it's nice to have beer that just tastes, well, beery.

Dry, lightly malty, and thirst-quenching, it's perfect for the bach, the beach and possibly a mandatory after mowing the lawns.

Each can rescues one slice of bread (bringing a delicious toast-like note to the profile) and as always, we only use NZ-grown malt and hops (Wai-Iti).

  • 4% ABV
  • Crafted with our friends at Sawmill Brewery
  • Each can uses the fermentable sugars from one slice of rescued bread
  • Each brew uses 15% less malted barley, saving resources and avoiding emissions
  • Plastic bags and tags from rescued bread is repurposed into fenceposts
  • Thanks to Goodman Fielder and Foodstuffs for their surplus bread

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