Citizen x Morningcider Cherry Bomb Cider 440ml

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A magical colab between Citizen and Morningcider, Cherry Bomb Cider boasts rescued cherry, apple, brown sugar and cinnamon. Best of all, with every can you sip, you rescue 20 Central Otago cherries! 

Our Cherry Bomb story starts in Central Otago, when we got talking to NZ Cherry Corp about an amazing opportunity to make a change for the better. Every year, tonnes of perfectly good cherries end up going to waste because of tiny flaws. They’re a little wonky, a little split – but still totally delicious. So, we started dreaming up ideas for how we could save these cherries and make something beautiful... and with the help and talent of our awesome mates at Morningcider, Cherry Bomb Cider was born!  

Crafted with love by the gang behind NZ’s first neighbourhood apple orchard, Cherry Bomb is stealing hearts and tastebuds all over Morningside. Pop into the Morningcidery soon and say hi!

  • 4.5% ABV
  • Crafted with our friends at Morningcider
  • Each can uses 20 rescued Central Otago cherries
  • Special thanks to NZ Cherry Corp for their imperfect cherries
  • Special thanks to Morningside artists Margarita & Ross

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Citizen x Morningcider Cherry Bomb Cider 440ml